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Posted by sota1 on March 18, 2012


“Who sat and watched my infant head,

While sleeping on my cradle bed…”

Anyone who knows that poem will know it’s not just for any anything in skirt called female

It’s for that special person in everyone’s life called MOTHER

Whether dead or alive

Everyone was brought into this world through a man with a womb –woman (womb man)

But I’ve come to realize that out of all the mothers in the world, one is the best.

I’m not saying no mother is special but one is the most special.

Guess who she is? …my mom.

If you don’t believe, then exchange your mom for mine.

If you think your mom is beautiful, have u seen mine?

If you think your mom can cook, visit my house on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy her pounded yam.

If you think your mom can sing, pay my church a visit

If you think your mom can dance, invite mine to your party

If you think your mom is nice, has she ever starved so you could be satisfied?

If you think your mom cares, try hurting me and see what happens.

If you still think your mom is better, then it’s either you’re mistaking or you’re my sibling.



Originally, this is meant for the best mom in the world (my mother) but feel free to share it in other to appreciate your mom. Happy mothers’ day to all mothers.

© Mr Sota 2011


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Posted by sota1 on September 16, 2011

Every minute, every hour, everyday
You see them
But you pretend not to

When driving, walking, or even taking a stroll
You catch a glimpse of them
But you quickly turn your head to another direction

Even when they are shown on the T.V
You quickly change the channel
To the one which interests you more

They live in your neighborhood
A family of five in one room apartment
But you never show them love

You even restrict your children
Not to play with their dirty kids

You waste food and throw them in the trash
But they’ve only had a meal in 24hrs

Their kids wander about the hood
In their rags soaked with overnight urine
Your old clothes you burn

They make attempts to relate with your kids
But you hide them in
And shut the door against them

Some kids are lost
And their parents are nowhere to be found

Some are sick
They need donations for treatment

Your money you lavish and squander
Yet a dollar would make a difference

Their Children are gentle and easy going
Yours are the trouble makers in the hood

They are quiet and do not talk
Of course no one would listen

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Posted by sota1 on September 5, 2011

Let me first of all thank you for taking the pains to visit my blog. I appreciate it. This is a blog that has been long overdue for operations but thank God the wagon of operations has just been set into motion, finally. There were a few challenges in building this blog but with the help of friends and other technological tools, it became a success. The blog has been set up in such a way that the navigation is very easy and simple, just like the English alphabets – A, B, C…. Click on the ABOUT tab to read what this blog is all about. Please feel free to pop in at least once in a while to read and drop comments. The time which you put into doing so would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time once again!

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Posted by sota1 on May 11, 2011

Blog still under construction, please check back later…thanks!

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